Thursday, 19 September 2013

L'Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream - Reveiw FOTD

Hey Beauties,
i'm up with a BB cream today which is from L'Oreal Paris, this is a 5 benifits in one BB cream, I've tried and tested the product for a month before reveiwing. Read further to know more...

Price : 550 INR
Quantity : 30ml

Firstly, a BB cream is a beauty balm or a blemish balm, which is a cream with the benifits of a foundation that can be used for light coverage.
I've haven't always had good experiences with loreal, and didn't have my hopes really high for this product, but it impressed me, has a cream consistency but isn't very runny, it does moisturize my oily skin just enough to look glowy and hydrated, dry skin types would be best recommended to use with a moisturizer underneath, it has Spf 35 which barely i have found in any BB creams so far in India.
So, that's a plus.

I forgot to get the sticker out, I'm using this in the shade R1 PORCELAIN BB, this is expensive if compared to the garnier or maybelline BB's which is priced under 300 Inr.
But, for what its worth, it delivers more than the others BB creams.
I won't recommend wearing this while taking photographs, ever noticed yourself looking white and ghostly in photos due to makeup, thats basically cause of the spf content in your foundations and BB creams, get it? 

It has decent coverage, and lasts for like 3 hours before it needs blotting, it enhances my natural complexion, when applied at first left a whitey gloomy look on my face, which toned down to normal within a minute or so. It has a funny smell, probably like rubber gloves, milder, sorry i couldn't explain it any other way :p but it goes away almost instantly.
I see this product as an everyday wear BB, i wear it alone and set it with my Rimmel Stay Matte. Makes me look glowy and fresh, but tends for make me oily, hasn't broke me out so far, had no skin reactions or itchin, i use it when i dont need the coverage of a foundation, preferably in the mornings, mainly because of the light coverage and Spf. 
L'Oreal True Match Offers a wide Colour range, cools, warms & mid tones, so theres one for everybody :)
Will be reveiwing my L'Oreal True Match foundation and Pressed Powder' soon!

Ratings : 4 / 5 

Recommendation :  Yes

Have a beautiful day!
Thanks for reading,
until next time - Richa.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Rimmel 1000 Kisses LIP TINT { 130 Don't Stop Blushing } Reveiw, Swatch, FOTD

Hey beauties,
This is going to be a quick reveiw for the 1000 Kisses lip Tint from Rimmel, i'd bought this day before as i'd posted in the recent haul, contiune reading to find out more...

Price - 555 INR 
  Quantity - 12 ml 
My shade is particular is a very watermelony colour, with a slightly dark pigment, the formula is in a watery consistency, and smells of sweet berries {wonderful} *_*.

Product claims:
Kisses on duty
Speedy two-step application
Ultra comfortable, non-transfer lip tint formula for natural vibrant colour
Caring balm for comfortable lips that feel moisturized

            The balm formula was a brilliant idea, after the very first application i was in comeplete mezmerisation of how it made my lips look lucious and natural, but i could feel my lips feeling dry after a few hours, the balm should however be applied only after an hour or so after the apllication because it may spoil the entire *how it's supposed to look on your lips* The staying power is 3 hours with mild drinks and snacking, i'm looking for the carry on cherry shade which unfortunately is not available in India. The Balm is shimmery and leaves back shimmer once the colour is gone. 
Can't say how long the product is going to last, cause the Max Factor tint that i have, dried of in barely any time, having my hopes high with the Rimmel Lip Tint, will update you guys soon.

Ratings : 4 / 5 

Recommend : Yes

Availablity : Rimmel counters at Shoppers stop & Parcos.

Until next time,

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Hey girlies,
Skin care is what i'm talking about in this reveiw {writing precisely}.
So, i've been giving this a lot of thought, that i'll start blogging about skin care for you beautiful ladies, cause i've been suffering from teenage acne since past 5 years and combating it through all possible ways, i've come up with easy solutions to get rid of them and also remedies for other skin issues. Finally, i have come up to the decision that i will be doing skin care posts and product reveiws. Carrying on with the reveiw, today i'm reveiwing cetaphils oil-control foam wash, that i've been using since the past 4 months (recommended by my derma).

Price : 1800 INR
Quantity : 8oz (236ml)  

This foam wash comes from the Cetaphil's DERMACONTROL line of skincare, these are specially formulated for people having mild or very oily acne prone / blemished skin.
  1. Soap-Free
  2. Removes excess sebum
  3. Hypoallergenic
  4. Non acnegenic
Priced at 1800 INR many will find this foam wash pricey, but considering the fact that i've been using this thing straight 4 months and i have still half the bottle saved means it is a bargain at the price.

Since i've been using this product for a fairly long time, i can say it has improved the overall quality of my skin, my skin is less prone to breakout, and i feel squeaky clean after every wash, it doesnt leave any nasty gunk behind, even though it does clean to the fullest, it hasn't made my skin feel dry even once, so its suitable for sensitive skin too.

The consistency of this product as the name suggests is foamy, nothing special!
It has the fragrence of the baby products, which i obviously love, though it is a tad bit milder than the baby soap. The foam wash does control oil to an extent for my combination/oily skin, but wouldn't be anything but worthless in controlling oil for people having very oily skin. The shine control is applicable for around an hour after washing due to the zinc in it. The face wash maitains the PH balance of the face to 5.5 (which is the ideal PH for the facial skin).

It Almost Goes without saying that Cetaphil is a worldwide renowned brand and used in all parts of the world.
The entire ingridients list is mentioned which is a plus for me, because i like to watch the ingridients before i apply products on my face. The packaging is sturdy and ideal to travel with, i just wish they come up with the travel size bottel cause this bottel is very big and does eat loads of space. All in all this product is a JOB DONE WELL.

Ratings : 5 / 5

Recommendations : A must try for all the oily skinned beauties and studs :)

Night guys,
Until next time,
Off to my Beauty Sleep! :)

September Rush : Quick Haul { Rimmel, The Body Shop, Sally Hansen, Deborah Milano, Maybelline }

Hey guys!
I decided to do a quick haul post, as i'd visited Shoppers today, and a few products came 
back home with me! ^_^
Read further to know more...

The products i bought are listed below : 
  1. Rimmel stay matter pressed powder - 195 INR
  2. The body shop skin primer MATTE IT {For oily skin} - 1195 INR
  3. Deborah milano 24ore perfect eye primer - 495 INR
  4. Rimmel Lasting finish 1000 KISSES Lip tint - 555 INR
  5. Maybelline THE FALSIES volume express mascara {waterproof} - 425 INR
  6. Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme - 825 INR
  7. Rimmel EXAGGERATE Full colour lip liner definer - 275 INR

so, this was all i bought, will be reveiwing each one soon,  found a few favs already.

Night beauties, 
until tomorrow :) 

Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick {1,2,3 Soleil } : Reveiw Swatch FOTD

Hi guys,
So today i'm reveiwing the most awaited release from Bourjois, The Shine Edition Lipstick in the shade 1,2,3 Soleil.

Price: 995 INR 

Product Claims: A new generation formula that brings shine, colour and comfort to your lips. An ultra-shine result, thanks to a new  ¼ gloss extract for amazing shine-wrapped colour. The new sensuous formula gives ultimate comfort. Enriched with nourishing mango butter extracts, Shine Edition leaves lips moisturised for up to 10 hrs.
Its rich and melting formula provides cushion comfort and makes application addictive! And the icing on the cake…It’s shiny, coloured packaging makes Shine Edition lipstick a true fashion accessory.

My Take On The Product :
The Shine Edition Lipstick From Bourjois, comes in a very cute packageing, shiny and mirror like, it also has a coloured bottom which makes it easy for me to locate the shade in my vanity. The quality if this lipstick is soft and creamy, something having a gel like consistensy, the shade No.20 is a peachy pink shade and looks lovely on the lips, but this isnt a very pigmented lipstick, won't cover pigmented lips, and may in my opinion look bad, but the darker colours may work well. But it does cover slightly pigmented lips very well. It has a very sheer and even application and does make the lips feel cushion like, it hydrates my lips and gives it a beautiful flush of a sweet summer peachy pink colour.

The Shine Edition Lipstick, No.20, Swatch

Swatched Shined Edition Shade 20

I totally love this lippie, plus it goes well with my complexion, i'm MAC NC40, if you are too the same or anywhere close, please try the shine edition shade 20, this is going to be my goto shade for almost everyday for college as this shade is very subtle, it stays on my lips for a decent 2-3 hours with mild sipping and eating, then a reapplication a required, for some reason this applies to me as a personal fav! - totally recommending it! :)

The GOOD :
  • Cute packaging
  • Smooth application
  • Subtle colour
  • Great for everyday use
  • Decent Pigmentation
The BAD :
  • Highly pricey
  • Creamy, so will last very for a very few weeks
  • The writings wipe off within a few days :( {P.S. - doesn't look as pretty}
I'll buy it again cause i'm in love with the shade. 

Recommendation : Yes, try it!

Availablity : All Bourjois counters in Lifestyle Stores. 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick Reveiw FOTD. {SHADE-CORAL PLUS}

Hey girlies,
Today i'm reveiwing Chambors Moisture plus Lipstick, this purchase was totally unintended. But, considering chambor is the most primitive and one of the oldest cosmetic brand that all beautiful Ladies in India have known since a very long time, its not very popular online, though it has a recent Facebook page now here Anyways getting back to the review.

Product Cliams : An innovative "dual action" formula with a nourishing core to hydrate lips and prevent dryness; surrounded by a soft, ultra-moisture colour coating for a smooth, radiant finish.

My Take On The Product

While this product does live upto its claims, to an extent, it does hydrate my lips, but wont prevent an future dryness. I love how it looks on my lips, but the colour may wary on pigmented lips as my lips are very slightly pigmented. It gives a radiant finish to my lips and the application is very smooth.

The colour is very sheer, and gives a hydrated and juicy look to the lips, not the lipgloss plump look, but a just bitten plump look.

These swatches show the colour difference, in with and without flash, while this colour looks very corally on the lips, its a lovely pink in photos. Though with one swipe the colour is very light and sheer, it is obviously very buildable and can be made to look a bit darker with 2-3 swipes. It has a slight choclate with caramel scent to it, which i obviously love!
Nothing overpowering, very mild, im sure everybody will like it.
See that white thingy it has in the center? Yeah, thats the balm which gives the moisture plus effect.
The packaging is not very fancy or eye candy types, but then it lives upto its claims and is quite sturdy, it comes for little on the pricey side for 645 IND.
All in all this was good purchase.

Ratings:4/5 {One less cause of the price factor}

  1. Sturdy
  2. travel friendly
  3. Doesn't break open {tried & tested :p}

Recommendations: Well if you're looking for a moisturizing lipstick, this is a good choice, and there are many colours to choose from.

  1. All Chambor counters at Shoppers stop
  2. It's on discount online, for a limited time period.

Until next time,
Richa shetty

Sunday, 15 September 2013

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation DUPE {Rimmel Stay Matte}

Hey guys, I'm super happy... Isn't it Amazing how happy it makes you when you find a extreamly cheap dupe of a highly priced product, yeah! that's exactly what has kept me happy his past week, specially MAC users are gonna love this one! Read further to know more.


Now about the MAC, it would be wrong, if i'd say, i dont love it head over heels, but then again, its too pricey at 2000 something, *_* the mac helps me combat the shine and since i have blemishes and teenage acne it really helps me cover those to an extent, i have oily skin, so a face powder is a must for me, the MAC is good but doesn't keep my face Matte for anything more than 3 hours, and then it needs blotting and touch ups. All in all the MAC is good but pricey!

I usually apply it with this cute kabuki or the applicator which MAC provides, it's handy for touchups and packaging is sturdy, ideal for travelling as it comes with a built in mirror. 

The RIMMEL STAY MATTER POWDER to start with wasn't a planned purchase, I came across this while buying a Rimmel lipstick, and the SA showed it to me, i fell in love with it almost instantly, effortless to say considering how it's priced at 195 IND, i've used this for over a month now and it doesnt dissappoint me, it keeps me Matte for over 4 hours and though i tend to get oily on my t-zone, it can be easily fixed, and also the face that this powder claims to be mineral based. Good isn't it? It's such a bargain at that price. Easily available at any Shoppers stop Rimmel counter and online stores.

But wait, the downside counts cheap packaging, no applicator, no mirror and the cap keeps falling off, so a no no for travelling with it :(

Anyways, its perfect for everyday use, i would say its good for girls with all skin types and especially for the combi/oily skin girls!! :) like me.
I love it.
And again there are mostly no beauty bloggers in the UK who doesn't own this!

Downside: While MAC offers a number of skin shades, Rimmel has barely 5-6 shades available here and doesn't offer any shades for dark skin tones :(

Repurchase: Without a second thought, sure to buy it again, but one tub lasts forever!

Recommendations: Do buy this if your looking for restocking your face powder. Take my word on it. Won't regret!

Buy online here @

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bubble Gum Lip Scrub From Lush. Reveiw / FOTD.

Hey guys,
I haven't been doing many posts lately, but im up on it again and backing up for everything now.


I'd got this long time back from the lush store in Phoenix Market city, long time back.

Price - 670 IND (approx/-)
Quantity - 25g

The packaging is really cute, this stuff is really grainy in texture, which is a good thing, cause its a scrub dummies, when i used it, it did make the feel of my lips really smooth, but didn't actually get me rid of all the dead skin to be precise, basically this a just sugar with the bubble gum flavour in it, well grinded sugar to be precise, i've got mixed feeling about this product, cause its not really neccysary to be in one vanity, unless you have very dry lips, regular fine sugar will do the same job.

Tastes of bubblegum, hehe.. *nostalgia* it smells really sweet  bubblegummy. and looks cute on the lips too :p
The price according to me is quite high, but fair according to other high end brands.

Recommendation : Do try it once, so you could keep the cutey to make your lips soft and kissable and perfect for matt lipstick application.

Downside: Not very affordable.

Ratings: 3 / 5

This product is available in all lush stores and available online here :