Saturday, 26 October 2013


  DIRTY Works 
 collagen on call !! OVERNIGHT FACIAL LIFT

 " Wake up to a radiant,
     Hello beauties,
                                i know this was a really long break, got caught up with this thing called life puts you through so much, right?
                                 Anyways, getting back to the topic, today i'm reveiwing, the dirty works, collagen on call, overnight facial lift, as the name suggests ya'll can see it's a night cream and from my favorite brand, Dirty works!!! { Good Clean Fun }

The packaging itself is so cute, nowadays i'm always waiting for the night to arrive. 
I'm going all kudos over it!!!

I totally love this and i plan to continue using this night cream forever
I'd precisely bought this cream for my mom online, because i thought i would suit ageing skin and not skin that breaks out every now and then (my skin), as it is my itchy fingers wanted to try this out, i first tested this on the back of my hand and instantly fell in love with how my skin just sucked it in, the cream itself is very heavy & thick on application, it did the same when i applied it the first night on my face, it sunk in, in a swoosh!!
Alright, so the next morning I obviously wasn't expecting any miracles, but i saw how smooth & even & moisturized my skin looked, and everything it claimed seemed to be so true, even my make up looked better on application, because obviously my skin looked and felt better. The fragrence of this cream however might be a turn off for a few people with sensitive over reactive noses!! but not at all an issue for me, i am completely in love with this dirty works dream creation after using this, i've been using this for almost 2 months now and i've seen dramatic changes in even the spots my acne left back.
It has 50ml e 1.69 fl.oz of product, i'm not even halfway through my first tube and have already bought a second pack, NO! i'm not crazy! availblity is an issue in India & it's only available online, so i'm stocking in you see.. get your hands on it for as long as you can.

Recommendations : I can't recommend this enough... Superb!!!

Packaging : Sturdy, good & safe for travelling, spill proof, easy to use, hassle free.

Overall Rating : * * * * * {5 / 5}

Buy It Online (Limited timeline) : Dirty Works : Overnight facial lift cream {buy here}

Until next time beauties,
Richa shetty xoxo..

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

DIRTY Works - Good clean fun. Pore-fect FACE SCRUB Reveiw / FOTD.

Hey guys,
i'm back again as promised before, i'll be picking the pace with work now, so i'm reveiwing the DIRTY Works - Pore-fect FACE SCRUB.
Price : 599 INR
Quantity : 125 ml

I kind of just came across this product online, and to be honest i just bought this just because of the super cute packaging, i kind of fall for the fancy packaging loads of times. But, to my surprise, this came to be as an amazing product. It had fine grainy scrub particles, like milled salt, my face is oily and acne prone, but this didnt break me out, or make my face feel tight or itchy, it makes my face feel very clean and nice, and just for the record, my face is super oily at the moment, skin just doesn't behave! :(

The product is white-ish in colour and has a strong fragrence to it, people allergic to strong fagrences should avoid using this, but this doesn't bother me, i'm cool with how it smells. Afterall it is doing the job so well. As a daily scrub i use my Neutrogena Visibly clear pink grape fruit daily scrub. 

There is the the entire Ingredients listing on the back, and dry skin girls better avoid it, because the ammonium lauryl sulphate makes the skin dry and itchy for loads of people, and as recommended, i either use this scrub 2-3 times a week, nothing more than that, because i always breakout when i over scrub, i get redness on my skin even after rubbing moisturizer on it.
The packaging of this product is quite sturdy and easy to travel with because the lid is tight enough and there's a good quantity in it, will last me for approximately another 3- 3.5 months. 

         THE GOOD:
  • Makes skin look fresh and clean
  • Fine scrub particles
  • Effectively removes dead skin
  • Helps with removel of black heads and white heads
  • Makes the complexion glow and smooth on touch
          THE BAD:
  • Strong fragrence
  • not suitable for dry skin {should give it a try though}
  • contains parabens and ammonia sulpahte
  • availabilty is an issue {only sold online}

Recommendations : Yes, i'll probably buy again, until i dont find anything better. But a try wont hurt.

Rating : 4 / 5

Buy online Here {P.S. They always have limited stalks} 

Until next time,
Richa xoxo <3

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

DIY Make up remover {At Home} - Works for waterproof make up too!!

Hey lilies,
Its been a really long time ever since i've blogged, was hecked up with university exams schedule, which is finally over, so now, i'll be sure to keep ya'll updated again! and will be covering up for the last 2 weeks!
So today finally i do a DIY {Do it youself} just incase, some of you wont know what it means! :)
We all use make up, Waterproof Mascara, Longstay Lipsticks and pumlingss and haords or waterproof products!! but then bi phase make up removers are getting expensive, not that i'm sayin they are bad, as in why not opt for the organic version? good for your skin, good for your lashes, and a very good moisturizer! All you need is this.... eager?

Me - Olive Oil?
Olive oil - Yes? 
Me - will you really do anything great for me?
Olive oil - Oh yeah I sure will!
Me - will this cause me to break out?
Olive Oil - NO, I wont, not if u wash your face soon after removing your make up, if you are a dirty girl, I may!! 
Me - Okay, lastly, how do you make it any better than a normal make up remover?
Olive oil - hmmm.. Oh girl you're so easy, it's natural {covers most of the reson why}, suitable for  most of the sensitive skin types, wont irritate your eye area, wont make your eyes cloudy later, and good for new growth of healthy lashes and texurizing out the old ones!
Me - Nice, what else do i need, you're appointed! ;)

After my intresting conversation with the olive oil, i must tell you another thing, that you can use the olive oil with any of the above to remove your make up! 

I store a little in my old make up remover bottle! upgrading my ways you see.. if u don't have an empty bottle, dont worry, get yourself the cute little 50-70 ml {i'm not sure} bottle of olive oil, who's going to keep the 1000ml bottle in the bath anyway!! :p

Try it and let me know if u like it! I know you'll end up loving it and yeah i forgot to mention works way better than baby oil, if u guys were thinking about it!
Will be sharing a few DIY tips with you beautiful people soon!

Until next time,
Keep Smiling.
Richa, xoxo

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