Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Hey girlies,
Skin care is what i'm talking about in this reveiw {writing precisely}.
So, i've been giving this a lot of thought, that i'll start blogging about skin care for you beautiful ladies, cause i've been suffering from teenage acne since past 5 years and combating it through all possible ways, i've come up with easy solutions to get rid of them and also remedies for other skin issues. Finally, i have come up to the decision that i will be doing skin care posts and product reveiws. Carrying on with the reveiw, today i'm reveiwing cetaphils oil-control foam wash, that i've been using since the past 4 months (recommended by my derma).

Price : 1800 INR
Quantity : 8oz (236ml)  

This foam wash comes from the Cetaphil's DERMACONTROL line of skincare, these are specially formulated for people having mild or very oily acne prone / blemished skin.
  1. Soap-Free
  2. Removes excess sebum
  3. Hypoallergenic
  4. Non acnegenic
Priced at 1800 INR many will find this foam wash pricey, but considering the fact that i've been using this thing straight 4 months and i have still half the bottle saved means it is a bargain at the price.

Since i've been using this product for a fairly long time, i can say it has improved the overall quality of my skin, my skin is less prone to breakout, and i feel squeaky clean after every wash, it doesnt leave any nasty gunk behind, even though it does clean to the fullest, it hasn't made my skin feel dry even once, so its suitable for sensitive skin too.

The consistency of this product as the name suggests is foamy, nothing special!
It has the fragrence of the baby products, which i obviously love, though it is a tad bit milder than the baby soap. The foam wash does control oil to an extent for my combination/oily skin, but wouldn't be anything but worthless in controlling oil for people having very oily skin. The shine control is applicable for around an hour after washing due to the zinc in it. The face wash maitains the PH balance of the face to 5.5 (which is the ideal PH for the facial skin).

It Almost Goes without saying that Cetaphil is a worldwide renowned brand and used in all parts of the world.
The entire ingridients list is mentioned which is a plus for me, because i like to watch the ingridients before i apply products on my face. The packaging is sturdy and ideal to travel with, i just wish they come up with the travel size bottel cause this bottel is very big and does eat loads of space. All in all this product is a JOB DONE WELL.

Ratings : 5 / 5

Recommendations : A must try for all the oily skinned beauties and studs :)

Night guys,
Until next time,
Off to my Beauty Sleep! :)

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