Sunday, 7 July 2013

Reveiw : Accessorize lipstick in shade smitten & Victorias secret sparkle gloss!!

Hey candies,
My itchy shopaholic fingers.. hehe *sigh*
Its for the lipstick by accessorize, in the shade smitten, didnt know until now that they had an amzing makeup line too!!
It is Amazing for the matter of fact.
  1. Its matt
  2. the packageing is super cute
  3. the colour will make you love it.. heee for me it did that :)
  4. It has a mild japnese cherry blossom sorda frangrence
  5. Has an extra pot of the same shade on the lid, share it with your friends, let em try it too..
I bought it online for INR:799 for 3.5g from here :

Smitten shade 05

The Oh so pretty colour!! <3
When i applied it on my lips!

Guess what!! u even get a tini tiny cute little pot on the lid..

A picture of me with hoe pretty the shade looks on me.
The cute packaging
And ofcourse i'd like to mention that i have applied the lippie with a glossy as u can see in picture i posted above.. and that is the SPARKLE GLOSS from Victorias Secret which smells purely delicious.. i could eat it *showing mah tounge at ya* :p cuz u know i wont eat it..
Victorias gloss

PS- I'd make a separate reveiw for this on request :)

BUY THE SMITTEN AND GET SMITTED.. really would love it..
I wouldn't recommend it if you have chapped lips, cuz it is totally matt and it'll look bad on very dry and chapped lips :(

Rating : 8 / 10

Keep smiling,
Love ya'll 

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