Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Rimmel 1000 Kisses LIP TINT { 130 Don't Stop Blushing } Reveiw, Swatch, FOTD

Hey beauties,
This is going to be a quick reveiw for the 1000 Kisses lip Tint from Rimmel, i'd bought this day before as i'd posted in the recent haul, contiune reading to find out more...

Price - 555 INR 
  Quantity - 12 ml 
My shade is particular is a very watermelony colour, with a slightly dark pigment, the formula is in a watery consistency, and smells of sweet berries {wonderful} *_*.

Product claims:
Kisses on duty
Speedy two-step application
Ultra comfortable, non-transfer lip tint formula for natural vibrant colour
Caring balm for comfortable lips that feel moisturized

            The balm formula was a brilliant idea, after the very first application i was in comeplete mezmerisation of how it made my lips look lucious and natural, but i could feel my lips feeling dry after a few hours, the balm should however be applied only after an hour or so after the apllication because it may spoil the entire *how it's supposed to look on your lips* The staying power is 3 hours with mild drinks and snacking, i'm looking for the carry on cherry shade which unfortunately is not available in India. The Balm is shimmery and leaves back shimmer once the colour is gone. 
Can't say how long the product is going to last, cause the Max Factor tint that i have, dried of in barely any time, having my hopes high with the Rimmel Lip Tint, will update you guys soon.

Ratings : 4 / 5 

Recommend : Yes

Availablity : Rimmel counters at Shoppers stop & Parcos.

Until next time,

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