Monday, 16 September 2013

Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick Reveiw FOTD. {SHADE-CORAL PLUS}

Hey girlies,
Today i'm reveiwing Chambors Moisture plus Lipstick, this purchase was totally unintended. But, considering chambor is the most primitive and one of the oldest cosmetic brand that all beautiful Ladies in India have known since a very long time, its not very popular online, though it has a recent Facebook page now here Anyways getting back to the review.

Product Cliams : An innovative "dual action" formula with a nourishing core to hydrate lips and prevent dryness; surrounded by a soft, ultra-moisture colour coating for a smooth, radiant finish.

My Take On The Product

While this product does live upto its claims, to an extent, it does hydrate my lips, but wont prevent an future dryness. I love how it looks on my lips, but the colour may wary on pigmented lips as my lips are very slightly pigmented. It gives a radiant finish to my lips and the application is very smooth.

The colour is very sheer, and gives a hydrated and juicy look to the lips, not the lipgloss plump look, but a just bitten plump look.

These swatches show the colour difference, in with and without flash, while this colour looks very corally on the lips, its a lovely pink in photos. Though with one swipe the colour is very light and sheer, it is obviously very buildable and can be made to look a bit darker with 2-3 swipes. It has a slight choclate with caramel scent to it, which i obviously love!
Nothing overpowering, very mild, im sure everybody will like it.
See that white thingy it has in the center? Yeah, thats the balm which gives the moisture plus effect.
The packaging is not very fancy or eye candy types, but then it lives upto its claims and is quite sturdy, it comes for little on the pricey side for 645 IND.
All in all this was good purchase.

Ratings:4/5 {One less cause of the price factor}

  1. Sturdy
  2. travel friendly
  3. Doesn't break open {tried & tested :p}

Recommendations: Well if you're looking for a moisturizing lipstick, this is a good choice, and there are many colours to choose from.

  1. All Chambor counters at Shoppers stop
  2. It's on discount online, for a limited time period.

Until next time,
Richa shetty

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