Sunday, 7 July 2013

Reveiw : Maybelline colour sensational lip gloss

This is my first ever reveiw, and suu, IM SUPER EXCITED, hehe..
So yeah, getting to the point without boring you any further.
I'm reveiwing the maybelline colour sensational lipgloss, i got them in 2 shades
  1. Electric shock- shade90
  2. Gleaming grenadine- shade80 
It's really easy to love it!! this is the only gloss so far, that stains my lips even after the gloss is all gone. These are really pigmented and non sticky sorda!!

Both shades
electric shock-90

shade 80 applied on lips

shade 90 spplied on lips
Gleaming Grenadine 80
I would wear the gleaming greanadine on a night out or a party and would love the electric shock for a beautiful summer day or just anyday, i'm in love with it *dances*
and its super inexpensive for Rs- 350 each 5ml / .17oz
Though the only con is the wearing time is not too long :( with eating and drinking

I totally recommend the pink shade, if you're looking for a new lipgloss, do consider giving this a try. You wont regret.

Thanks for visiting :)
keep smiling always, its beautiful, love you all <3 
Until next time!!

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